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ValuePlus was implemented at a local municipality in KZN, South Africa. ValuePlus is used to audit the two hundred thousand moveable assets using handheld scanners and barcodes across thousands of seperate physical locations.

Transport and Logistics

ValuePlus was initially developed for and piloted at a large transport and logistics firm with operations throughout Africa in order to cater for the management of its large fleet of vehicles and equipment across multiple companies and divisions with in the group.


ValueBar was used to to track consumables in a service based business where technicians are booked out on jobs on a daily basis. Our asset tracking software ValuePlus was also used (integrated into ValueBar) to allow for high value equipment to be booked out to technicians and jobs.

Gas and Pipelines

ValuePlus is in use to manage the depreciation and budgeting of the fixed assets. It handles the monthly depreciation and provides a history of all transactions and detailed reports.