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Print and Packaging

ValueBar was implemented in the raw materials store due to the high volume of the stock holding and the need for traceability from end item back to supplier batch. ValueBar proved its worth by reducing inventory discrepancies and allowing for shorter time periods from start of stock take to posting of variances.

Textile Manufacturing

ValueBar was implemented as the operational system on the floor and utilised from raw material receiving through manufacturing and finally used to despatch goods to customer all with SYSPRO integration and transaction visibility. This allowed for end to end tracking and barcoding of all materials. Use of hand held scanners simplified data capture.


ValueBar was used to to track consumables in a service based business where technicians are booked out on jobs on a daily basis. Our asset tracking software ValuePlus was also used (integrated into ValueBar) to allow for high value equipment to be booked out to technicians and jobs.


ValueBar was used to assist in the specialised labelling of goods supplied to vehicle manufacturing and the submission of electronic data direct to the customers once goods had been despatched. This allowed for tight, accurate system to system information exchange between the supplier and customer.

Kitchens and Water Systems

ValueBar was used to handle the finished goods store for both export and local goods from manufacture and labelling right through to integrated despatches to courier. Handhelds were used extensively for guided picking and despatch. Stock take was reduced from a weekend down to half a day.