Audit Module

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Quick Overview

The audit module is designed to allow for quick verification of all moveable assets. A unique code is assigned to various locations within the organisation and the assets found in these locations are counted. Reports reflecting assets verified and comparing expected location and found location are produced allowing for system updates to be performed and investigation into missing assets to be done.

The audit module is rich with features allowing for a variety of scenarios to be catered for and ensuring that best practices can be adhered to. Should new locations or assets be found they can be labelled on the fly and descriptions for them captured to allow for verification during reporting. Conditional assesments and missing information such as descriptions and serial numbers can also be captured during the audit process.

The audit module allows the progress of the audit to monitored by looking at the device summary screen to see what devices are in, which have been booked out and which audit card has been assigned to them.


Mobile devices

Accuracy - Scanning to identify asset

Verification - Feedback to confirm identity of asset

Current locations captured

Item condition assessment